Bookshelf Tour: Before and After

Before: Disorganized and Confusing Bookshelf Quarantine has had me constantly reorganizing and redecorating my space, and my bookshelf has been no exception! I have always organized my books by genre and then alphabetically by author's last name within each genre, but I wanted to display them in a more aesthetically pleasing manner. To show the … Continue reading Bookshelf Tour: Before and After

Black Lives Matter.

As a citizen of this country and a member of this world, I am deeply saddened by the murder of George Floyd and the countless others who have been unjustly killed due to racism. Recognizing that I come from a position of privilege as a white woman, I am working to amplify the voices that have been silenced for far too long. At the same time, I want to take a stand with my own words.

Mini Book Reviews: May 2020

Hello everyone! If you haven't seen them on my Instagram page (@lifeinmybook), I enjoy posting mini reviews after I finish a book! I thought it would be fun to put them all together in a blog post once a month with a reflection on the reading month as a whole. Just a note: the books I read this month are all adult fiction and contain fairly graphic descriptions, so be aware of that if you decide to read them. With that being said, here are my mini reviews of the books I read in May. Enjoy!